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World of Work

Workshops designed to help students understand the world of work covering a range of topics aimed at enhancing their employability.

Typically, our individual workshops span 90 minutes, although certain programmes have the option of being extended to a half-day duration.


Interview Essentials

Many students fear job interviews when asked about their dream job hurdles. This interactive session is designed to overcome that fear by revealing the secrets to interview success.


By the end, students will have learned the importance of conversational skills for conducting a competent interview, grasped the core questions and format of any job interview, and gained knowledge on preparing, researching, and rehearsing for interviews.


They will also understand how to decode job adverts to discern what employers seek in candidates. The session emphasises the significance of practice, highlighting how it enhances both competence and confidence in facing job interviews.

What employer's want

It's never too early to get ready for the world of work, and this popular programme is here to guide students from the start. Packed with expert insights, it equips students to meet employers' expectations right away.


By the end of the programme, students will be aware of what employers seek beyond qualifications, understand their key personal qualities for job applications and networking, recognise the importance of personal networks for career success, know how to make a strong first impression, and comprehend the competitive nature of the job market for school and university leavers—and how to stand out from the crowd.

Job interview

Boosting Employability

Our all-inclusive workshop guides students step by step from application to job offer, ensuring they secure the job they desire.


Packed with practical insights and insider tips for job applications and interviews, this programme is also offered as an Intercultural Employability Day—details available upon request.


By the end of the programme, students will develop an awareness of their own culture and its impact on working with others, foster curiosity to learn about different cultures, and enhance self-awareness and communication skills, both individually and within a team.

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