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Georgiana Cecil

Georgie Cecil

Managing Director / The Organiser

Founded in 1997 by Janey Cecil, the initiative stemmed from her realisation that her own three children lacked clarity about their future career paths. To address this gap, and with the mantra 'learning by doing', she introduced the immersive careers taster workshops in schools, aiming to provide young people with insights into available career options and the essential life skills needed to navigate them effectively.  


Georgie (one of those three children!) returned to Inside Knowledge in January 2024, having previously worked there 15 years ago.  Most recently she worked with a leading advisory and career management company based in London and is excited to be bringing her skills and knowledge into the education sector.

Our team of trainers are working professionals, dotted around the country, who are passionate about bringing careers and skills into the school system.

Fuelled by her commitment to nurturing the potential within young minds, Georgie is driven by the belief that education should not only impart knowledge but also guide young people towards realising their full potential.  

In other news, she is also a certified dog trainer, and in her spare time enjoys walks in the countryside with her two doodles, Burghley & Dottie.


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