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Career and Skills workshops

About us

Since 1997, we've been empowering the future of thousands of students across the UK. As a specialised training provider, we meticulously plan, organise, and deliver Life Skills and Career Taster events tailored for 12 to 18-year-olds in schools throughout the country.

Our overarching mission is to elevate the aspirations of young people, arming them with transferable skill sets and career insights necessary for making well-informed decisions about their future. By doing so, we aim to assist them in navigating their professional lives with confidence and competence.

So what makes us unique? All of our workshops are fully interactive, fun and engaging and, we can tailor a day to suit your needs.  Distinguished by our team of trainers, all of whom are working professionals, company owners, or employers, we not only provide authentic workplace insights but also share up-to-the-minute experiences illustrating how our sessions directly relate to the real world of work and life beyond the educational setting.


What we offer

Explore our tailored workshops designed specifically for your school. Whether you prefer standalone sessions, half-day, or full-day workshops, we can accommodate your needs. Contact us to delve into a more detailed discussion about your specific requirements.

Workshops designed to help students understand the world of work covering a range of topics aimed at enhancing their employability.

Our workshops will introduce skills that will empower students to navigate a complex world, fostering adaptability, resilience, effective communication, and collaboration.

Our communications workshop is vital for students, providing essential skills that empower effective expression, foster meaningful connections, and prepare them for success in academics and beyond.

Students require a diverse set of key skills for academic and personal success.

These workshops provide a vital platform for students to understand the principles of sustainability and their role in fostering a more sustainable future.

Understanding the world of business and enterprise is of paramount importance for students as they prepare to navigate the real world.

Virtual Events

We can now offer the vast majority of our workshops virtually. For student numbers 25-250 we can provide webinars, virtual career days, 1-2-1 video interview training and lots more. We are able to utilise almost any virtual events platforms that the school may already use or we can provide our own solution.

Career taster workshops play a pivotal role in schools by providing students with valuable insights into various professions and industries.

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