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Futures Fairs - It's all about the right questions ⁉

As we dive into the season of Career/Futures Fairs, it's essential students get armed with the right questions. These fairs can either be transformative or merely leaflet-gathering days, depending on the questions asked. Here are some questions to consider as a starting point but certainly not exhaustive:

About the University:

-         What makes your university unique or stand out among other institutions?

-         Can you provide an overview of the campus culture and student community?-         What resources and support services does the university offer to students?

Course Specific Questions:

-         What distinguishes your ‘subject’ course from those offered at other universities?

-         How flexible is the curriculum? Are there options for customisation or interdisciplinary studies?

-         What careers are available for those studying 'subject'?

-         Are there learning opportunities like internships or study abroad experiences?

Faculty and Support:

-         How accessible are the professors and teachers within the ‘subject’ department?-         Are there academic support services available, such as tutoring groups? How many students are in a tutor group?

Research and Extracurricular Opportunities:

-         What research opportunities exist for students in the ‘subject’ department?

-         Are there student organisations or clubs related to ‘subject’ that students can get involved in?

-         Does the university have a sense of community and engagement within the department?

Career Preparation and Alumni Success:

-         Does the university assist students in career preparation and job placement? If so, how?

-         Is there a friendly Alumni network that may be able to help or advise?

-         Can you provide examples of where graduates from the course have gone on to work or study further?

-         Are there networking events for career development?

Campus Life and Resources:

-         What recreational and extracurricular facilities are available on campus? Sports? Music? Clubs?

Admissions and Financial Aid:

-         What are the application requirements and deadlines for the course?

-         Are there any specific scholarships or financial aid opportunities available for students?

-         Can you provide information about the application process and any supplementary materials required?

Future Plans and Developments:

·      Are there upcoming initiatives or developments within the department or the university as a whole?

·      How does the university adapt to changes in technology, industry trends, such as sustainability, and societal needs?

Wishing you all the best on your journey! Remember, the right questions can lead to remarkable discoveries and opportunities. Good luck!


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