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As a new chapter starts - what I wish my 15 year old self had done

As National Careers Week approaches and Inside Knowledge send in their career professionals into schools – our new chief, Georgie, reflects on what she wishes she had done when she was 15.  

"I wish I had explored various interests and passions"

"I wish I had had more self-confidence, networked more, asked more questions. They may have helped to open doors to opportunities"

"I wish I had had a mentor"

"I wish I had pursued what genuinely excites and fulfils"

"Speaking to one of our trainers today gave me such an insight. “Your first half of your career is about ‘getting’, Your second half is about ‘giving’”. This seems to be very true and feel I must be crossing the line to my second half." 

"I settled on a path because it was practical, paid the bills and it just so happened I was very good at it, but did it excite me? Probably not if I am honest, but there are no regrets and the skills and experience I have learnt over the years are fully transferable…so here is to my second half!"

"Let’s embrace challenges, adapt, and keep growing."

So if you are attending any career or futures sessions soon, just remember to ask as many questions as possible, there is no such thing as a silly question and most importantly start creating a network - it doesn't matter if you don't know what you want to do yet - many 'grown ups' are still trying to work it out!

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