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Key Skills

Students require a diverse set of key skills for academic and personal success. Negotiation skills empower effective collaboration, fostering understanding and consensus in group dynamics. Goal-setting abilities guide students in establishing clear objectives and a roadmap for achievement. Motivational skills play a pivotal role in sustaining enthusiasm and resilience amid challenges. Additionally, honing study skills is crucial for efficient time management, information retention, and optimal academic performance. Collectively, these skills equip students with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of education and beyond, fostering a well-rounded and adaptable approach to learning and personal development.

Typically, our individual workshops span 90 minutes, although certain programmes have the option of being extended to a half-day duration.



Students will grasp the eight essential steps for effective negotiation, encompassing skills such as flexibility, situational analysis, influence, and persuasion. These steps involve goal setting, forward planning, and a deep understanding of others' positions. Emphasising a give-and-take approach, the aim is to achieve a win/win situation. Furthermore, students will delve into the use of effective language and tactics to enhance negotiation outcomes.

Goal Setting & Motivation

In this goal-setting and motivation workshop, students will gain a profound understanding of several key aspects. They will develop awareness and skills in crafting their personal goals, fostering a sense of purpose and direction. Through reflective exercises, participants will contemplate their life journey, identifying pivotal moments when significant decisions were made or personal goals were set.


The workshop also introduces a highly creative exercise called "The Path of Life," where students visually express their life's journey through illustrations, providing a unique and insightful perspective on their personal growth and experiences

goal setting

Study Skills

In this study skills workshop, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of key elements crucial for academic success. They will delve into the importance of cultivating a positive mental attitude towards revision, exploring the motivation behind effective studying. The workshop emphasizes practical aspects, guiding students in setting goals and planning their study sessions.


Additionally, participants will learn strategies for creating an conducive study environment, effective time management techniques, insights into memory systems, and essential skills for taking comprehensive and organized notes. These learning outcomes collectively equip students with a holistic approach to enhance their study skills and optimize their learning experiences.

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