(90 mins or ½ day)

An introduction to the basics of interpersonal communication and why students should start to think about its importance in their lives. This workshop will offer a simple introductory set of tools that students can use as they start to face the increasing challenges of face to face networking.

Learning outcomes: Students will have gained


  • A basic understanding of how interpersonal communication works

  • Simple tools and techniques on communicating with those around them

  • How to avoid conflict

  • The importance of listening

  • How to build lasting relationships and get on with people

  • Why all of these ideas will help pupils throughout their lives


(90 mins or repeated, or 1/2 day)

A master class in how to present and pitch ideas to an audience.

Learning outcomes:  This programme ensures that


  • Students become aware of how powerful their personal communication skills can be.


  • Students begin to know how to read other people and understand how they are being read.


  • Students have had an introduction to building powerful personal presentations.


(90 mins or repeated, or 1/2 day)

Students discover how to connect with interviewers and potential employers in this stimulating communication workshop.


Through highly interactive exercises and conversations, they are able to set up meetings for success, saying ‘Hello’ and shaking hands with Confidence, making good eye contact, and listening empathetically so that those they speak with feel engaged and appreciated.


These skills will benefit their early meetings, and their work within organisational teams.

Learning outcomes – Students will have learned


  • The underlying rule of high performance relationships is, Look out for them, and they will look out for you, enabling each participant to position them self as looking out for the employer’s concerns rather than their own


  • How to establish trust and rapport quickly in any interaction with another


  • How to listen empathetically and be present.

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