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Career Taster Workshops

Career taster workshops hold great importance in schools for students as they offer a unique opportunity for hands-on exploration of various professions. Our trainers are professionals who are actively engaged in their respective careers ensuring that students receive up-to-date and practical insights. These workshops allow students to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and the realities of different professions, helping them make informed decisions about their future paths. By interacting with professionals, students gain a realistic understanding of day-to-day responsibilities, industry trends, and the skills required in various careers.


Career Workshops

The unique Career Taster day is designed as a series of interactive workshops, thoughtfully scheduled to align with your school timetable.


Throughout the day, each student has the opportunity to explore three careers of their choice from a diverse list. To ensure the programme suits your specific needs, please reach out to discuss your preferences, as custom workshops can be tailored accordingly.


The learning outcomes include attending three different career subjects, engaging with three professionals actively involved in each selected career, participating in role-play scenarios, gaining insights into daily tasks across various professions, experiencing one-on-one questioning and answers, and downloading progression routes for future reference.


This workshops offers students a firsthand glimpse into diverse careers, promoting informed decision-making and a deeper understanding of potential professional paths.

Career Options

Science Courses


  • Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Environmental Science

  • A Career With Life Sciences

  • Marine Biology/Oceanography

  • The Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Space Technology & Astrophysics

  • Sustainable Energy

Business Meeting


  • Business & Management

  • A Career in Multinational Corporation

  • Entrepreneurship/Start in your own business

  • Hospitality & Leisure

  • Human Resources

  • Market Survey& Research

  • Marketing Advertising & Social Media

  • Public Relations

  • Recruitment

  • Sales & Selling

  • ‘Kiss, bow or shake’? Intercultural Communication

  • Travel & Tourism


  • Animation

  • Creative Media Production

  • IT

  • Print & Broadcast Journalism

  • Public Speakirg

  • Publishing

  • Radio / Music Production & Editing

  • Web Development

Science Courses


  • Art Portfolio Building

  • Design (retail interior design, specialist furniture & shop design)

  • The Film &TV Industry

  • The Fashion Industry

  • Graphic Design

  • Career Options for History of Art

  • Illustration

  • Interior Design

  • Make-Up Artist for TV and Stage

  • The Performing Arts

  • Photography (commercial/wildlife)

  • TV & Theatre Set Design

Business Meeting


  • Hospitality Industry

  • Hotel & Catering Management

  • Leadership in Management

  • Retail Management


  • Complementary Medicine

  • Hair Dressing & Beauty Therapy

  • Medicine/Alternative Medical Routes

  • Nursing

  • Physiotherapy

  • Psychology

  • Psychotherapy

  • Sports & Leisure Management

  • Sports & the Fitness Industry

  • Sports Science

  • Strength & Conditioning as a career

Science Courses


  • Civil Service

  • Foreign & Commonwealth Office

  • International Development

  • Social Work

  • Teaching

  • Working for a Charity

Business Meeting


  • Accountancy & Financial Services

  • City & Financial Markets

  • High Street Banking

  • Insurance Broking & Underwriting

  • Pensions, Financial Planning, Life Insurance

  • Law


  • Architecture

  • A Career in Chartered Surveying

  • Estate Agency

  • Land-based Careers (Surveying, Farming, Small Developments)

  • Town Planning & Regeneration

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