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Business & Enterprise

Understanding the world of business and enterprise is of paramount importance for students as they prepare to navigate the real world. In today's dynamic and interconnected global economy, possessing a fundamental grasp of business principles equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in various career paths. It fosters an entrepreneurial mindset, encouraging innovation, adaptability, and problem-solving abilities. Moreover, a solid understanding of business dynamics enhances students' financial literacy, enabling informed decision-making in personal and professional realms. Whether pursuing entrepreneurship or joining established organisations, students equipped with insights into the business world are better positioned to contribute meaningfully, adapt to changes, and thrive in a competitive and evolving professional landscape.

Typically, our individual workshops span 90 minutes, although certain programmes have the option of being extended to a half-day duration.

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The £25 Millionaire

In the £25 Millionaire simluation, students embark on an entrepreneurial journey, learning to transform ideas and enthusiasm into a profitable business. The workshop is designed to be engaging and lively, guiding students through key aspects of business development. Through practical exercises, participants gain hands-on experience in market research, decisiveness, creating business plans, calculating start-up costs, estimating profits, and pitching ideas.


The workshop also offers insights into human behaviour and communication under pressure, emphasising the importance of effective teamwork. Beyond these skills, students develop a comprehensive understanding of the business brief, foster creativity through collaborative brainstorming, make critical decisions about resource allocation and strategy, and refine communication and presentation skills for both internal and external audiences.

The Market Stall

Immerse your students in our dynamic Enterprise challenge, an invigorating and thought-provoking role-play experience that delves into strategies, ethics, cash-flow fundamentals, profit-making, and crucial business behavioural and communication skills.


Set within a lively trading scenario, this challenge offers students a hands-on exploration of various aspects of business. Throughout the experience, participants will engage in situation analysis, master time management, foster effective teamwork, make critical decisions, practice delegation, demonstrate flexibility, engage in negotiation, set goals, refine influence and persuasion techniques, enhance communication with others, adopt forward thinking, and develop financial and marketing skills. This holistic learning approach equips students with a comprehensive toolkit to thrive in the dynamic world of business and enterprise.

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Townsville Day

Engage in our most extensive Business & Enterprise workshop, providing students with an immersive role-play experience. Participants are tasked with developing and pitching two distinct products, navigating a challenging media campaign to effectively sell their ideas.


This workshop also serves as an excellent key skills assessment center, allowing students to practice and enhance their abilities in time management, delegation, decision-making, leadership, thinking on their feet, gaining experience in live presentations, and fostering effective teamwork. The  workshop equips students with practical skills essential for success in the dynamic world of business and enterprise.

The Start Up

In this comprehensive full-day workshop, students are immersed in the realm of essential business skills, recognising the gap between academic learning and workplace readiness. From personal qualities and team-building to effective communication and negotiation strategies, the Business Start-up workshop is a well-stocked reservoir of crucial skills. Participants gain insights into personal qualities, applying them effectively in job applications and networking.


The workshop delves into team building, enhancing personal communication and presentation skills, planning and executing effective meetings, fostering creativity for idea development, strategic time management, and understanding employer requirements beyond qualifications. Moreover, students acquire valuable knowledge in experienced delegation and leadership, effective negotiation for win-win scenarios, comprehension of briefs, and impactful presentation techniques. This whole day ensures that students emerge equipped with a diverse skill set essential for success in the dynamic world of business.

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