(90 mins or repeated, or ½ day)

“What is leadership and how does it apply to me?”. This lively, role-play packed programme gives students the essential ideas and skill sets needed to make an effective leader.

Learning outcomes - Students will have learned about

  • Being aware of different styles of leadership and the specific qualities.

  • Being able to identify strengths and weaknesses for the good of a team.

  • Understanding leadership attributes and skills in order to pick a winning team, to be able to engage and motivate others and build trust and a shared sense of purpose to get results.

  • Experience linking all the topics of the day – skills and attributes, leadership of self, team roles and skills, task, team and individual, motivation, trust, and communication skills.

  • Understanding how to overcome real-life scenarios.

  • Realising that sometimes there is no “right” decision or the “least worst” decision.

  • Being able to prioritise decisions when there are multiple crises.

  • Realising that the group knows more than the individual.

  • Understanding people’s different thinking patterns in group decision making.

  • More about their value system (and how other people’s can be different and not wrong).

  • Being able to solve a problem creatively.


(1/2 or full day)

If your school values developing students’ leadership skills, this programme is a perfect training companion. We introduce and develop the key principles of leadership and put them to the test in exciting and challenging leadership scenarios. Also, an ideal assessment centre exercise for potential school leaders and prefects.

Learning outcomes - Students will have learned about


  • Prioritising decisions

  • Identifying the latest time to make the decision

  • How to select the best available option and to recognise that taking no action is an option in itself

  • To realise that sometimes there is no ‘right’ decision, but rather a ‘least worst’ decision

  • Thinking ‘outside the box’.

  • The group knows more than the individual.


(90 mins or repeated, or 1/2 day)

This specially designed programme helps students to become a better leader of their own lives as well as leaders within their schools, communities and beyond. Packed with interaction and practical exercises, tackles the key themes of values, morals,goal setting, everyday decision making and ethical challenges.

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