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Teaching leadership skills in schools is vital for students' future success. Our workshops will introduce skills that will empower students to navigate a complex world, fostering adaptability, resilience, effective communication, and collaboration. Leadership education encourages critical thinking, decision-making, and the confidence to tackle challenges. Equipped with these skills, students become inspiring leaders, driving positive change and contributing meaningfully to their communities.


Typically, our individual workshops span 90 minutes, although certain programmes have the option of being extended to a half-day duration.


Leadership Essentials

Explore the dynamic world of leadership with our engaging and role-play-filled workshop.  This lively session equips students with essential concepts and skill sets to become effective leaders.


By the end of the programme, students will have gained insights into various leadership styles and their specific qualities, identified strengths and weaknesses for effective teamwork, and understood the attributes needed to build a winning team, engage and motivate others, and foster trust and a shared sense of purpose for achieving results.


The workshop also provides hands-on experience connecting key topics such as self-leadership, team roles, motivation, trust, and communication skills, preparing students to overcome real-life scenarios, make decisions in crises, appreciate group knowledge, understand diverse thinking patterns, and creatively solve problems.

Cobra Training & Assessment simulation

This workshop serves as an excellent add on for schools that prioritise the growth of students' leadership skills. Through this initiative, participants are introduced to and nurtured in fundamental leadership principles, which are then put to the test in dynamic and challenging scenarios.


This serves as an ideal assessment centre exercise for potential school leaders and prefects. The learning outcomes encompass a range of skills, including decision prioritisation, recognising optimal decision timing, selecting the best available options, acknowledging that inaction is a valid choice, understanding that sometimes there is no absolute 'right' decision but rather a 'least worst' one, and fostering creative, out-of-the-box thinking.


Emphasising the collective knowledge of the group over individual insights is a core aspect of the learning experience.

Successful Teenagers

Designed specifically for prefects-to-be, it helps empower them with the essential skills helping build confidence and purpose. Through this interactive session, usually half a day, participants will delve into the nuances of communication, emphasising active listening, clear articulation, and persuasive speaking. Moreover, the fundamentals of good leadership are explored, including inspiring teamwork, fostering inclusivity, and leading by example. By the end of the session, prefects-to-be will emerge equipped with the tools and strategies necessary to excel in their roles, positively influence their peers, and make a meaningful impact within their school community.

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