(90 mins or repeated 4/5 times, or ½ day)

Ask most students what’s standing in the way of them and their dream job, and they’ll most likely tell you that it is fear of the job interview. This interactive session aims to dispel that fear by unlocking the secrets to interview success.

Learning outcomes:  Students will have gained


  • An awareness that understanding how to conduct a conversation is an important step to being able to conduct a competent interview.

  • An understanding of the core questions and format of any job interview

  • Knowledge on how to prepare, research and rehearse job interviews

  • Knowledge on how to decode job adverts and use them to understand what the employer needs from candidates

  • An awareness of the importance of practice and that practice improves their competence and confidence


(90 mins or repeated)

You can never start preparing for the world of work too early. This best-selling programme puts students on the right track with insightful expert preparation to help students start preparing immediately to meet employers’ expectations.

Learning outcomes:  Students will have gained


  • An awareness of what employers are looking for in them apart from qualifications


  • An awareness of their key personal qualities and how to start using them in job applications, and networking


  • An understanding that their personal networks are an essential route to career and personal success.


  • How to make a strong first impression and build new relationships


  • An understanding of the high level of competition school and university leavers face in the employment market, and how to jump the queue


(Full day)

From application to job offer, our comprehensive programme shows students the path they will follow to successfully securing the job they want. Featuring practical insights and insider tips on applying for, and being interviewed for a potential job this programme is also available as an Intercultural employability day. Ask for more details.

Learning outcomes:  This programme will


  • Develop students awareness of their own culture and its impact, when working in, or with, other cultures


  • Develop curiosity to learn more about other cultures


  • Develop self-awareness and skills when communicating, both one to one and when working within a team.

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