(90 mins or repeated)

Every business starts with an idea, enthusiasm and a little start-up money. £25 Millionaire challenges students to think like an entrepreneur and work out how to make a small business profitable in a proven, exciting and lively programme.

Learning outcomes – Students will have experienced:

  • An exercise in Market research 

  • Decisiveness,

  • Creating a business plan,

  • Calculating Start up costs,

  • Estimating Gross profits and yearly profits,

  • Experiencing how people behave and communicate under pressure,

  • Experiencing how to pitch,


Students will also have understood

  • COMPREHENSION – Understanding the brief

  • CREATIVITY - Developing ideas ensuring that brainstorming/mind mapping techniques as a team will be essential to completing the task

  • DECISION MAKING - A number of decisions about proper use of team member's individual talents, delegation and choice of strategy have to be made very quickly from the outset

  • COMMUNICATION & PRESENTATION - Making ideas understood internally within the team, and externally to the presentation audience are both key.


(90 mins to 1/2 day)

Our most energetic and challenging role play based Enterprise challenge explores strategies, ethics, the basics of cash-flow, making a profit, and key business behavioural and communication skills all in the setting of a lively trading scenario.

Learning outcomes – Students will have experienced:

  • Situation analysis

  • Time management

  • Team working

  • Decision-making

  • Delegation

  • Flexibility

  • Negotiation

  • Goal setting

  • Influence & persuasion

  • Communication with others

  • Forward thinking

  • Financial thinking

  • Marketing skills.


(Whole day)

This is our most comprehensive Business & Enterprise programme, offering students an immersive role-play experience where they must develop and pitch two very different products, and take part in a challenging media campaign to sell their ideas. Also an excellent key skills assessment centre.

Learning outcomes - students will have practice in:

  • Time management,

  • Delegation,

  • Decision making,

  • Leadership,

  • Thinking on your feet,

  • Experience presenting ‘live’.

  • Working as a team


(Whole day)

Nearly every student will end up working within a business, but most businesses recognise that students come to their workplace ill-prepared in the key business skills. From creativity through corporate communications, to negotiations and the big pitch, business start-up is fully stocked with essential business skills.

Learning outcomes -  Students will have experienced:


  • Personal Qualities – An awareness of their key personal qualities and how to start using them in job applications, and networking

  • Team Building – How to create well structured teams

  • Communication – Using both personal communication skills more effectively as well as presentation skills

  • Meeting Goals - How to plan, structure and carry out a meeting

  • Creative development - Using creativity to successfully develop and realise ideas.

  • Time management - Planning time in the short and long term, and thinking strategically

  • Teamwork - Understanding how to work within a dynamic team environment

  • Employer requirements – An awareness of what employers are looking for in them apart from qualifications

  • Personal Qualities - Gaining an understanding of what personal qualities are, how to assess one’s own, and how to use this information to assign roles.

  • Experienced Delegation and Leadership

  • Negotiation - How to negotiate in order to achieve a win-win scenario

  • Comprehension – Understanding the brief, working to that brief and set goals

  • Presentation – Communicating ideas to a wider audience effectively and with impact.

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